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"Civilize the mind,

but make savage the body."

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"Not attempting to rise is akin to expecting to fall."

-Greg Walsh


Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club is focused on providing expert instruction and physical training for people of all fitness levels.


Our training is varied but never random, and performed with intensity, though never at the expense of form or safety.


We offer the best group Strength & Conditioning classes 6 days a week and private training by appointment.


Day and evening classes are available in a no-ego, progress-minded training environment.


Getting started is straightforward:

  1. Book and complete your introductory/fundamentals training

  2. Join our Strength and Conditioning classes.

  3. Train as often as you’d like each month for $160!


Please note: we do not allow drop-in classes unless you have already trained with us or one of our coordinates.


Anyone is welcome to join one of our free Public Assistance trainings or attend our monthly Curriculum Priorities seminar.

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"If you know the way broadly, you will see it in all things."

                       -Book of Five Rings

If there is a valid "what", there must be an equally valid "why", and a sound, proven, and detailed "how".

Our purpose is the constant construction, refinement, and transmission of hard, simple, and infinitely adaptable paths geared to help people think, act, and re-act in lasting and non-disposable ways.


We prove this process most profoundly on ourselves, those in our immediate midst, and alongside other attentive and progress-minded Agents around the world.


We don’t sit fences, we don’t make excuses; we share what we know, and hunt what we don’t.


We don’t subscribe to any tradition or notion not mirrored by measurable, progressive function, and we challenge any that are simply based on “convention”.


Words without actions, are a half-empty glass.


Thank you! We'll get back to you soon!

"Life devoid of vivid and voracious- sometimes seditious- dangerous turns of the mind, is no life at all." 

 -Greg Walsh


Atlantic Avenue Athletic Club is the Toronto chapter of Wolf Brigade Gym in Rochester, NY. Connected but autonomous, we follow the programming, movement, and training details of the best strength and conditioning gym in the world. Together with other progress-minded conspirators, we are building a community around “New-World Generalism”.


Wolf Brigade’s “New-World Generalism”:


Embracing the idea of doing more with less, by making every thought, word, and action our absolute best. Physically strong and well-conditioned: with the will, composure, intelligence, and ability to apply with ferocity; never separating our mental acuity from our physical philosophy.


Honest physical and psychological investment in your safety and that of others; unconditional avoidance of victimist mentality and terminology. Social dexterity: care for others through all-weather courtesy, non-manufactured humility, and non-electronic priorities.


Not mistaking the pieces for the purpose; not mistaking casual participation, for measurable progress. 


Driven by discontent, but never limited by it. Society has demanded, not suggested: New-World Generalism.


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The Toronto Public Assistance group meets weekly.

MacGregor Playground 

(Landsdowne between College and Bloor)

Wednesdays 6:30 PM

Free- but earned- the only requirement is showing up *on time* with a sturdy-handled gallon jug of water or sand (even this we can overlook for first-timers).

More information on the

Wolf Brigade Public Assistance project

can be found here.

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